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Professional Services

At Katy Equine Clinic, we offer a wide range of veterinary services to ensure your horse's health and well-being. Our services include surgical procedures, sports medicine, pre-purchase exams, critical care, and general medicine.

Emergency Services

In case of emergency, Katy Equine Clinic is available 24/7 to provide critical care for your horse. Our team of veterinarians and is available for urgent situations both in the field and in the hospital. 

Please call our office immediately if you have an emergency.

Online Pharmacy

For your convenience, Katy Equine offers online access to our pharmacy. Refill prescriptions virtually to ensure you never run out!


Where Your Horse Comes First

For nearly 40 years, Katy Equine Clinic has offered an unwavering commitment to the care of your horse, whether they're an Olympic athlete or your reliable trail horse. Utilizing innovative veterinary services, our goal is to keep your horse healthy and happy while extending their performance career.

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